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Equity Resiliency Incentives Program

Here at Tiger Stripe Solar, we're excited to announce that incentives are now available to cover most or all upfront costs, allowing you to save money while ensuring that essential devices — such as medical equipment, refrigeration, air conditioning, lighting, and electric well pumps — remain powered during public safety power shutoffs. Our commitment revolves around providing clean energy solutions in low-income or disadvantaged communities and bolstering customer resilience in high fire-prone areas. To further this mission, we've modernized the Self-Generation Incentive Program with enhanced incentives tailored to low-income customers and resilience needs related to wildfires.

Having a well-thought-out plan for extended power outages can prevent service disruptions. With our backup storage battery system, you can utilize excess energy generated during the day to keep your essential medical appliances and other devices running smoothly during an outage.

Homeowner's Guide

Wondering if you're eligible for our Equity Resiliency incentives? To qualify, you must meet the following criteria: experiencing two or more utility public safety power shutoffs or residing in a tier 2 or 3 high fire threat district. Additionally, you need to meet one of the following additional criteria:

  • You live in multifamily deed-restricted housing or a single-family home subject to resale restrictions.
  • You are currently enrolled in a utility Medical Baseline Program.
  • You have notified your utility of serious illness and/or life-threatening condition.
  • You have received or reserved other solar-related incentives (including SASH, DAC-SASH, MASH, or SOMAH programs).
  • Your home relies on electric pump wells for water, and you meet the low-income qualifications.

To determine eligibility and qualifying incentive levels, visit sce.com/sgip and check out the SGIP Equity or click one of the buttons below to access the Equity Resiliency Eligibility Matrix.

For additional information, please submit questions to SGIPGroup@sce.com. 

Residential EligibilityCommercial Eligibility

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